Mantri Krishna Mohan
On any day.  If you can send in
Some scenes that are hitherto, unknown
Or exceptionally, ones of rarity
Straight into the memory plank
You needn’t pen any poem at all.
In this saga of life, it is quite enough
if you can experience an extra ordinary incident
That liquefies you, or thoroughly agitates you
You needn’t write down a poem at all.
It is enough if you can glance at a classic object
Which stands as an exemplary art piece
Or the one that drowns you completely in tribulation
Then, there is no need to scribble a poem at all.
If your inner eye can peep in, and have a sight of
a public annoyance or the one similar to a deep rivalry,
which incidentally swings you or shakes you, or suffocates you, in entirety,
You needn’t strictly write a poem at all.
If it is on wailing of a hungrier soul
or a squabble of an orphan, in life’s columns
or the anxiety of an un cared for old aged, mother
Who sat under the shade of a tree
Or the immolation act of a deceived sibling
If you can feel distressed or agonized
With such a horrible instance, you come across
and grow angry about this selfish, anarchic, cunning society
Which runs quite away from moral apprehension,
You need not write down a poem at all.
If in your eyes spaces, you have some lovely strips of red stripe
and thereby if you can witness
a broken film resembling an aquatic stream
and if a graceful moonshine can delightfully bloom in, thereafter
You are alive at least, for that day.
and you have made it, an amazing day
Oh! the creative artist or the soul perfect
Then there is strictly no need for writing a poem at all.
(Trans/Eng : Purushothamarao Ravela)

കൂടുതല്‍ കവിതകള്‍