Pathipaka Mohan
Keeping lights in eyes 
Whole day 
Though the bowels break
Bonding the strands 
You are the one who had woven 
Warps and wefts together
Just with a move of a hand
You perch down laks of stars 
And pour down at the premises 
Multihued rainbows 
Picking and battening adjusting the strands 
Every day and night 
You move with rice water 
Mixing blood in the colour 
Gluing the strands of nerves to molds
You weave 
For you span of hunger 
Though it could not give a fistful of food 
You had faith in the pulley of caste 
You yourself melt into vapor
You lay the heaps of beauties of 
Butterflies swans and jasmine buds  
As if the troubles today are new to you 
As id you never knew the hunger 
You yourself had given the final judgment 
As if you never knew tears you ruled yourself
I say Pledging on your helpless looks 
 buried in the underworld 
Breaking your wings 
Demolishing your loom
 Turning life a grave yard
I say pledging on the synthetic system 
That turned the profession in which we had faith 
A prohibited land 
For the doing hands 
And moving legs 
Not providing any work is a natural to the country
Death is your human right 
(As homage to 37 power loom labor who committed suicide in sirisilla recently) 

കൂടുതല്‍ കവിതകള്‍